Foto Peserta Blogging Workshop Semarang


My “Nextchair” Blog Guru

Abe is his name. Blogging is his life. To me, he is my 911-to-blogging. If you encounter any problems regarding the cyber world, particularly weblogs, then Abe is the right man to solve your problems. At least he will try to find a way to help solve them.

Blogging seems to be Abe‘s passion. If I may be frank, he practically “breathes” blog as if it were his air. But to my suprise, he finished college with a degree that does not even interlink with the word web or blog. He has a degree in chemistry, but don’t persuade him to be a chemist, because you’ll immediately get a NO for an answer. Abe has a personal blog, a place where he stores his stuff and things related to his passion, a.k.a blogging.

Abe is the eldest, and thus bringing pride and honor to his family has been his main job description ever since he was little. And I think, he already started to prove that in his younger years. He was the class valedictorian during his primary school.

These few couple of days have changed my perception about the cyber world, blogging, etc. And I must make sure to be prepared to “bump” into Abe whenever I visit the web.

The Knowledge of Communication

For human beings, communication is an essential part of one’s life. Whether you’re young or old, female or male, people all around the world need to communicate starting from the day you’re born.

Communication can be expressed and delivered in many types, ways, and variations. Babies communicate by crying, and the more older you are, the more communication “tools” you use and master. For instance, the most popular tool of communication is by talking. People love to talk dan they need to in order to deliver their message across. It is still considered the most popular tool for communcating yourself with another human being. Talking involves language, and language comes also in different variations and categories. There is the international language, national language and also even local or regional language. When people are faced with language disability, they tend to somehow figure out other ways to communicate in order for other people to understand their message. This is where the body language comes.

Body language has somehow been considered as an effective way to communicate. This is because we are free to use our body gestures to deliver our message or story. I believe this was first introduced during the ancient or barbaric times, when people did not have their own language yet. Using parts of your body to communicate was a language back then, even until now. Body language can be somewhat useful when communicating with someone who uses a different language than yours. For example, everytime I travel abroad to a foreign country that does not speak international language, then body language always comes in handy !

Nowadays, communications does not only involve talking or using your body language. Communications are much sophisticated, that you can even talk with someone across the globe. Global communication or cyber communcation has now become an essential part of our lives. I myself can spend hours behind my computer communicating with someone, or simple delivering my message through emails. With cyber communication, people are able to connect with millions of people around the globe, simply by typing and clicking on a button.

Cyber communication nowadays are even used for delivering political missions and visions. Politicians are now exposed to doing it and some are even already using it as a campaign tool, while others are seriously considering it. I myself is currently participating, and I hope actively, in a Political Communication Workshop held by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of Taiwan. I’m in my second day today, and still cannot believe the abundance of knowledge that I have received so far during the workshop. I only have approximately one and a half days to go, but still feel that enough is never enough.